Bass and Grass began as a matter of merging many favorites into one fabulous weekend full of music, friends, fishing and food. As Larry Keel put it, "I sing a lot of songs about fishing and we got this idea to combine these two loves we shared and get other like-minded people together for it." Bass and Grass is a dynamic event that generates A LOT of creative energy.

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The whole notion of Bass & Grass was inspired by Walter’s “Music Swarms.” He would gather his friends from Nashville (of considerable talent, I might add) here on the farm, make sure everyone was fed, full of fun and then just let the music take over. Magic was made. We are so thankful it continues.


The tradition of hosting kick-ass parties at Malatchie continues thanks to Jennie Hart and Jay Robinson. Jennie Hart tirelessly organizes a full-weekend of music, food, and fishing for all to enjoy. And Jay maintains a fleet of fishing boats, drinks Miller Lite, and fries fillets like no ones business. They are good hosts to say the least.