Oct 282013

Down home Bull-Bat is our name for the Common Night Hawk. In the summertime they fly from the end of the day until full dark. “Come over about Bull-Bat time” is an invitation to visit, relax, and have a drink at the end of the day. We might also listen to a little music, the choice of drink is up to you. At my age I find myself metaphorically in Bull-Bat Time between the end of the day and full night, but I’m in no hurry, so I hope you’ll visit and listen to a little music. This is my fifth album, two for RCA Victor (1961 & 62), one for Walt Disney (The Nashville Coyote, 1973) and one for Jack Music (1993). Since it apparently takes me twenty years to work up an album I think we can safely say that Bull-Bat Time will be my last. I’ve had an incredible life! Musically I played with the “Third Marine Division Poor Boys Hillbilly Band” in 1957 & 58, The “Lonesome Travelers” with Norman Blake and Bob Johnson 1959-1967,I was a regular guest on the Grand Ol Opry from 1961 to 1973, an RCA recording artist 1961-62, and I was the lead human in the Walt Disney for TV Movie “The Nashville Coyote” (the coyote got top billing and roast beef for lunch). I was blessed with my fifty year friendship with Jack “Cowboy” Clement who kept my professional musical interest alive even while I was running a textile business in Chattanooga. Jack was my publisher as well as my mentor so in 1993 I began what I thought would be a demonstration recording of some songs I wrote. We started having fun, though, so we finished “Tried and True” as an album with Mark Howard as producer and Jack as co-producer. Bull-Bat Time is special to me too because all of the session musicians are people I’ve know and played music with for years. As if that weren’t enough my wife and best friend of fifty two years, Kitty, our daughter Kate Forbes Dallimore (a successful actress in her own right) and my dear friend of many years Marshall Chapman sang the harmonies with me. The album cover art and design are by my grandson Avery Robinson. So this is my album of heart. I also think is is the best of the lot!