Apr 102018

Scruggs-style banjo picker “The Rev” Jeff Mosier, one of the earliest music pioneers who merged bluegrass instruments and traditional tunes with the magnetic energy of rock and roll, founded the jamgrass band Blueground Undergrass (BGUG) in 1998 after years of crafting his banjo skills in various bands, playing everything from bluegrass (Good Medicine) to experimental rock (Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit) to jazz-fusion (The Ear Reverents). BGUG, the band he fronted for more than a decade, recorded four albums and built a sizable national following by combining bluegrass purism with a jam band sensibility. As the jamband scene became more jam-tronica and less roots-driven, the formation of a more song-driven rock/bluegrass ensemble, The Mosier Brothers band, developed. They still jam, but the lyrics — and the sweet harmonies of the Mosier Brothers — now sit in the front seat.

At the helm is electric banjo frontman (and former Phish bluegrass coach) Jeff Mosier and his brother Johnny Mosier adeptly switch-hitting on both acoustic and electric guitar. Former BGUG fiddle and mandolin player Edward Hunter underpins the front line while an accomplished rhythm section combines the rock solid array of styles to fill in the eclectic genre-bending arrangements for which the Mosier Brothers are best known.

The Mosier Brothers band brings 30 years of experience to this latest project of alternative cosmic americana and bluegrass-laced roots rock. Veterans of the jamband and jamgrass scene, this undertaking draws even more from their influences, ranging from bluegrass and jazz to psychedelic folk-rock and alt-country. Always high energy and entertaining on every level, each show is like a musical journey. Their polished and uplifting CD “On My Way” sends the listener on an enjoyable foot-tapping jaunt out on the road and back home again.