Aug 182014

Jay Sanders is a celebrated multi-instrumentalist and composer. Most commonly known as the bass player for folk-rock pioneers Acoustic Syndicate, Jay’s current projects include a foray into avant-garde post rock called The E.Normus Trio, the atmospheric and textural Ghosts of the American Dream, a modern organ trio known as The Invisible III, and as a principal member of Rational Discourse, an 11-piece avant-garde orchestra based in Asheville, NC. Always the consummate musician, Jay continues to challenge himself to develop new and interesting sounds for both his writing and his technique. This sense of adventure has lead him to the N/S Stick, an 8-string multi-mode instrument with a 5+ octave range that combines the voices of both of his primary instruments, the guitar and bass, into one massive sound. As a composer he has written for film and television as well as commissions for Rational Discourse and the New York based modern string quartet, ETHEL. Previously, Jay spent four years touring with Americana roots rock legends Donna the Buffalo, recorded and toured with Snake Oil Medicine Show and CX-1 – The Black Hole Bluegrass Boys, and is one of the primary forces behind AVAS (The Acoustic Vibration Appreciation Society).