Aug 182014

Bryon was born into a family farm in 1968 in upper Cleveland County, NC. Growing up knowing little other than life with his hands in the dirt, he got a banjo at the age of 12. He learned the three finger roll from a family friend, Ronnie King, and went on to pluck a few traditional bluegrass and gospel songs with his brother, Fitz, and cousin, Steve, all the while yearning for rock-n-roll. One summer a family of Haitian workers came to the farm to work in the family vegetable operation. Enter dreadlocks, Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, etc and Bryon’s eyes were opened wide and a world of music opened up in front of him. Drawing from his roots in the fertile NC soil and interest in musical influence beyond his rural, agricultural upbringing, Bryon began writing his own songs. As a founding member of Acoustic Syndicate, McMurry has contributed several compositions that are closely associated with the NC sound and live music scene.