Apr 102018

The founding member of Grandpa’s Cough Medicine, Brett Bass was inspired to play guitar at age 11 when he heard the guitar solo in Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train”. He immersed himself into the world of heavy metal electric guitar playing, practicing for hours a day. It was at age 17 that he was bitten by the acoustic bug, hearing how bluegrass pickers were just as fast and technical as his favorite metal players. He began learning how to sing and play Johnny Cash songs, as well as how to pick bluegrass fiddle tunes.

The first songs he ever wrote (Many of which are on “Jailbird Blues”) came out in the country/bluegrass style, so he ran with it. The playing of his favorite bluegrass flat pickers, such as: Doc Watson, Bryan Sutton and Larry Keel became his new guitar inspiration, absorbing their styles through albums and instructional DVDs. His songwriting reflects the influence of the decidedly darker subject matter found in heavy metal music. Brett is the 2015 Rockygrass flat pick guitar champion and was asked several times to fill the rotating guitar position in The Travelin’ McCourys, before they hired Cody Kilby full time. This included the likes of Bryan Sutton, Jeff Autry, Kenny Smith, David Grier and other flat picking greats.