Oct 292013

Born in Georgia in the sixties, you can imagine the type of psychedelic radio pop that he was exposed to. After moving to Matthews, NC in 1974, he was exposed to his first note of Bluegrass music. Some how ending up landing in a suburban home next door to Country Music legend and Grand Old Opry Host George Hamilton IV. “I’d stand on my back porch way past my bedtime and listen to the sounds of banjo and fiddle.” He, of course, was into David Bowie and The Doors and such. Later in life, after hearing Old and In The Way, all that changed. He took right to it and before he knew it, he was on stage and sharing his music with as many friends as possible. After moving to Monroe, Ga., Bobby began studying guitar, Mandolin and Fiddle at the late age of 28. That lead to his time with the Atlanta groups Cornfusion and a year with The Ralph Roddenbery Band. Then came the big move to Asheville, NC, and his touring with the Bluegrass/Americana group Boss Hawg. Shortly after, in 2008, he formed The Virginia Dare Devils. After playing regional festivals and clubs for a year, and honing the music to a sharp edge,they began work on their first recording, Brother Adieu.