Apr 262016

Hey all you Bass and Grassers!

I’m happy to be writing another one of these notes to you all…..I’ve written quite a few over the years, eh?…..tryna keep it fresh!

Everyone’s got the dates, October 20-23, right? So our weekend is looking REAL good – drum roll please – Acoustic Syndicate ( yes, yes, the whole she-bang!), Nikki Talley and Jason Sharp, Grandpas Cough Medicine, Jeff Mosier, Bobby Miller AND there’s still a few more surprises in the works plus plus plus all of you! One thing’s for certain, phenomenal  music awaits us.

More good news – we’re still in the early bird zone for pricing. Lodging is $550/person (limited availability), camping is $425/person from now until May 15. A $100 deposit holds your spot, don’t delay, after May 15, prices go up $50!!

I’m already thinking about the food….not stressing, just thinking, mmmm. The Bon fire has been established and is growing at a steady rate (Robbie can attest to this). Fish are looking healthy and goose lake is, as ever, beautiful. Jay and I are looking forward to hosting you wild and wonderful bunch of folks, can’t wait to catch up. Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, comments etc…

Heaps of love,
Jennie Hart

P.S. If you want to pay by card, give a call 478-952-4640 and/or mail check payable to:

Green Bell
P.O. Box 2123
Perry, Ga 31069